Pixbet Spaceman

Pixbet Spaceman

Since launching only a year ago, PixBet has rapidly become one of the most popular sites in Brazil for both betting and casino gaming. Not only does it provide its visitors with an array of sports to bet on, but also offers them access to a remarkable collection of classic and contemporary casino games.
Play Spaceman
Payout Speed: 24 hours Deposit Methods: PIX, crypto License: Curaçao Currencies:BRL
  • Variety of games, including Spaceman
  • Generous promotions and bonuses
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cons
  • Small selection of slots games
  • Limited selection of virtual sports betting options
  • Rocket games are a hit in Brazil’s casinos and one of the most popular is Spaceman Pixbet. The astronaut game, as it is also called, is the most searched one in Pixbet Brazil’s catalog.

    pixbet spaceman

    pixbet spaceman

    Brazilians are crazy about slots with crash mechanics, and that’s why Pixbet’s Spaceman is the top choice. The unpredictability of this game creates an electrifying atmosphere for all players – it truly feels like a rollercoaster ride! There will be no shortage of passion as you become one with your astronaut avatar throughout every spin. It goes without saying that Spaceman induces maximum adrenaline – get ready to experience some serious thrills.

    ⏰ Age limit: 18
    ⬇ Minimum deposit: $ 1
    ✔ Min Withdrawal: $ 10
    ? Welcome bonus: Yes
    ? Payment: Card, Bank and More
    ? Applications: Android, IOS

    Play Pixbet Spaceman for real money

    Spaceman sends an intrepid astronaut soaring into the unknown until one fateful moment – they meet their explosive demise! This ‘crash’ symbolizes the end of each round.

    Before each round of the rocket game, or any other slot with this crash mechanic, you must place a wager. You can choose to withdraw your funds during flight- this is known as cashing out. By doing so, you will receive both the money wagered and potential payouts for that round.

    The key to success as a Pixbet Spaceman lies in wisely timing your cashouts – any bets that aren’t removed prior to the crash are forfeited.

    How to find Pixbet Spaceman?

    Optimizing your game-playing experience is a breeze with Pixbet Spaceman! Simply follow the steps outlined below to get started.

    To access Pixbet’s Spaceman Casino, simply navigate to the website and click on their “Casino” tab. From there, you’ll find an image of the iconic Pixbet Space Man – your gateway to a world of gaming fun.

    spaceman pixbet

    spaceman pixbet

    Undoubtedly, Pixbet’s casino games – Spaceman included – are simple to locate. The bookmaker has its casino neatly organized with the most popular titles showcased prominently for users’ convenience.

    How does Pixbet Spaceman work?

    Deciding when to cash out can be daunting, as players may receive a low payout if they withdraw too early. However, the longer one waits could potentially result in a crash or losing their bet altogether. That’s why it is essential for gamers to understand Pixbet Spaceman and its integral multiplier– which appears on the screen – in order to make an educated decision about when to cash out with confidence.

    You’ll be given a number that increases as soon as you begin your round of play. This multiplier determines the value of your payout once it’s time to cash out and grows in value over the course of an astronaut’s flight. The longer they soar through space, the higher this reward can reach.

    When you cash out a $10 bet with a 2.00x multiplier, the reward is an impressive double return of $20 ($10 x 2.00). But what happens if your luck prevails and offers 4.00x? You’ll be receiving a total of $40 – four times as much!

    However, it’s important to remember that in gambling, the crash can happen anytime; meaning all bets are potentially at risk regardless of how high they multiply up to.

    Spaceman Pixbet Withdrawal

    By selecting the “ON” option in the game’s wagering period, you can enable either or both of the Auto Cashout and/or Auto Cashout 50% options. You will then be able to define your desired multiplier values for full or half cashouts with these activated selections.

    The minimum wager value is 1.01x and the maximum at 4999.99x, with no Crash set for 5000.00x as this would lead to a full payout of all remaining bets on the game.

    Never miss out on the Crash Multiplier again – it is only accessible when you activate either “AUTO WITHDRAW” or “AUTO WITHDRAW 50%”.

    When you’ve enabled both your auto withdrawal options, “AUTO WITHDRAWAL 50%” must be smaller than “AUTO WITHDRAWAL”. This will change when the value of “AUTO WITHDRAWAL” gets modified and will disable itself when it reaches 1.01x. Subsequent to taking your bets into consideration, a payment procedure is carried out based on the result of the game and preset values for full or half automatic withdrawals.

    Once the round kicks off, it’s too late to make modifications. But if you have a change of heart during playtime, utilize the WITHDRAW or WITHDRAW 50% buttons and remove smaller amounts from your account manually.

    Spaceman PixBet Bonuses and Promotions

    PixBet knows how to keep their players engaged and rewarded, which is why they offer a range of bonuses and promotions. One such bonus is the ‘Spaceman’ promotion – this exclusive offer grants you extra funds when playing Spaceman on Pixbet’s site.

    In addition to additional winnings, other rewards include free spins, special discounts, and cashback. Make sure to check the Pixbet website for their latest promotions!

    Now that you know all about Pixbet Spaceman, it’s time to buckle up and take off into the world of online slots with crash mechanics.


    How can I join the Spaceman game?

    To join Pixbet's Spaceman game, you need to create a free account and fund it. Once you've done that, simply log into your user profile and navigate to the casino section of the website. Here, you will be able to find Spaceman and any other games offered by Pixbet.

    What is the minimum bet on Spaceman?

    The minimum bet on Pixbet's Spaceman game is one credit or equivalent in your chosen currency.

    Are there any bonuses or promotions associated with playing Spaceman?

    Yes, Pixbet offers several exciting bonuses and promotions for players of their Spaceman game.

    What is the Spaceman Cashout Multiplier?

    The Spaceman Cashout Multiplier is a number that increases as soon as you begin your round of play. This multiplier determines the value of your payout once it's time to cash out and grows in value over the course of an astronaut's flight. The longer they soar through space, the higher this reward can reach. When cashing out a $10 bet with a 2.00x multiplier, for example, the reward would be an impressive double return of $20 ($10 x 2.00).

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